Why should I partner with Managers Pro?

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Managers Pro is a major part of a successful Managers online marketing strategy. 50+ Thousand artists come to ManagersPro.com each month searching for manager's information. This is a unique audience of serious artists who need the help of an artist-manager and willing to pay for your services: 

1.76% plan to make a management transaction within the next  month

2.87% aren't yet working with a Manager

3.80% have a job outside of the music industry and can afford management services.

Not only do we attract these qualified artists but using Managers Pro is FREE! We want artists  to connect with the best artists manager to help them. That's why there's no cost to:

1.Create a Managers Pro Profile  and list your management services on Managers Pro. 

2.Add other skills you specialize in on your Managers Pro profile.

3.Accept interviews from serious artists inquiring about your services.

Premium products like Manager Pro Plus with Featured Listings,and  Local Ads,  provide even more exposure in front of these serious artists looking to pay for your services.