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Managers Pro, founded in 2010, is a mobile and online artist management platform that makes finding the perfect artist manager as easy as 1,2,3. By providing insights on each manager including - the managers current roster, company history, fees, contact information and additional services provided, artists can easily determine the best fit for their career and immediately requests an interview.

With managers in all 50 States in the US and over 145 countries Worldwide, ManagersPro.com has the Largest Selection of Qualified Professional Artist Managers on the Planet. By just signing up to Managers Pro artists can start communicating with a potential Manager within minutes. Subsequently, Managers can quickly grow their roster by selecting from the over 50+ Thousand artists that search Managers Pro looking for the Perfect Artist-Manager each month. Up-and-Coming Managers with a newly formed Management Agency can find clients for their roster within minutes.

Managers Pro is a fully owned subsidiary of JCM Holdings VC Corp.

Managers Pro Headquarters

563 West 184th St. Suite 3400 New York, NY 10033

Managers Pro, founded in New York, remains nestled in the heart of the city. Managers Pro is proud to call New York City its home.

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